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The helicopter ride back to Domino City was awful. All of your joy leaving Hacato's complex leaked out of you as the trip began. You sat stiffly, trying not to move or make any noise. Seto seemed extremely tense, and you thought it would be best if he forgot you were even there. Mokuba was the only one who was relaxed; he was busy recounting all the times he nearly escaped and the guards he beat up. You didn't recall any of this actually happening, but didn't pipe up since that would ruin your efforts to become invisible.

Mokuba had tried to engage both you and Seto in conversation with little success. Seto grunted his short responses and you were too nervous to offer much. The drone of the helicopter filled the cockpit instead, which somehow made you more nervous. You silently rejoiced when Domino City came into view and Seto started to descend on top of Kaiba Corp.

The Kaiba brothers were met with a swarm of men in suits trying to ascertain the situation and safety of the heads of the company. You exited the helicopter and skirted the edge of the crowd, trying to quietly sneak away while everyone was distracted. No luck, the door down from the roof was locked. You tried to find a way to bypass the system, but it required a keycard.

"Hey, where are you going?" You turned to find Mokuba behind you, hands on his hips.

"Just seeing myself out. You guys seemed busy." You shuffled a bit uncomfortably. Your goal had been to get out without too many questions being asked.

“No way. I’m going to see you all the way home. It’s the least I could do.” He turned on a heel, diving back into the crowd still surrounding his brother. You closed your eyes tightly, trying to fight the horrible dread building in your chest. The topic of home was a touchy subject. Until now, you’d always been able to dodge the subject by bringing up Seto again, but Mokuba wasn’t going to be distracted anymore.

It took quite some time before the confusion on the rooftop began to abate. You contemplated ducking through the door when the suits started leaving, yet couldn’t bring yourself to so obviously disappoint Mokuba. You sat close to the edge of the roof and stared out over the city. It was a nice day, warm with just enough breeze to keep from being hot. Shadows from the clouds flowed over the buildings below. It filled you with a kind of wistful melancholy. Eventually the only ones left roofside were the brothers Kaiba and a few guys checking over the helicopter, so you stood and went to see what Mokuba wanted to do now. He seemed to be trying to convince Seto of something, probably to escort you home.

When Mokuba saw you approaching, he broke off the conversation. “Are you ready to go? We’ll drive you.” Seto glowered behind him. You’d hoped that he would be too busy to come along, but reasoned that you wouldn’t want your brother out of your sight for months after they’d been kidnapped, either. Especially not to go with some stranger to some strange place.

It took another long while before the three of you finally made it down to the ground level and into Seto’s car. You were driving away from the building when Mokuba turned around to look at you. “So, where is your house?”

You put on the best smile you could muster. “Oh, you don’t have to take me all the way. Just drop me off at a train station on the main line. I can find my way from there.”

“Don’t be silly. Just tell us the address. Seto has most of the streets memorized, I bet we wouldn’t even need GPS.” He grinned at his brother.

Seto’s response was to speed up to make it through an intersection and mutter, “Mokuba, face forward.”

You started to say, “I really don’t want to bother you with the details,” when Seto cut you off with a growl.

“Stop dodging. Otherwise you might make Mokuba think you don’t want him to know any of your personal information.” A sharp glance from the rearview mirror made you start. “At least tell me in what direction to drive.”

Mokuba gave you a look over his shoulder, suddenly worried. Your heart wrenched. “That isn’t the case! It’s just complicated. My apartment’s on a back street, and uh, I’m not even sure if it’s mine anymore. I have been gone a while.” Mokuba seemed to relax, and you did too, until Seto cleared his throat. “Ah, head toward that park, you know, um, the one with the statue everyone meets at.”

“Hachiko?” Mokuba twisted around again. “I’ve always wanted to go see Hachiko.” Seto reached over and pushed his shoulder, making him face the front.

You took a gamble with your response. “It’s really cute. Maybe we can stop for a minute. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Seto’s cold eyes found your face in the mirror again. You flushed in response, feeling guilty, and avoided his gaze. Suddenly the car lurched as Seto guided the Bentley into a parking lot at the last second. When the car stopped, he was pulling you out of the car before you understood what was happening. Mokuba scrambled out of the front seat. “Seto?”

He ignored his younger brother in favor of using his eyes to burn a hole through your soul. Eventually he spoke. “Hachiko is in Tokyo. Either you’re lying to us, or you neglected to speak up when we were flying over it earlier. Whichever it is, you’re wasting our time. So speak up now,” he paused. “Where do you live?”

You cringed, muttering, “I don’t really remember.”

The reaction was almost immediate. Disgust and contempt briefly fought on Seto’s face before contempt won. Mokuba looked shocked and sympathetic. He started to say something, but Seto cut him off.

“You really think we’d believe such a far-fetched story like that. Amnesia, really?” Seto spat. “You apparently have some major issues, but I doubt losing your memory is one of them. If you don’t want us to know about your personal life, that’s your business. Just don’t confuse us with fools.” He turned and pushed Mokuba toward the car. “You want to be left to yourself, so go ahead.” Mokuba tried to struggle and reason with Seto, but nothing worked. Soon you were left in the parking lot with empty cars and the sound of squealing tires.

You stood motionless for a few minutes until a shadow fell over you. Looking up you saw that the clouds passing overhead had solidified into a grey sheet. The Kaibas’ reaction had been what you expected, you mused as you set off down the street. Actually, it was better considering the amount of dressing-down you thought you’d get from Seto. Your heart squeezed uncomfortably when you thought of Mokuba’s distressed face as they drove away. He probably believed you whole-heartedly. You thought about finding KaibaCorp’s offices again in order to leave a note of apology, but shook your head. It was better to have a clean break.

Eventually you found what you were looking for- a street directory. You stepped over the textured strip in the sidewalk to read it. The shopping district wasn’t too far away, so you checked your pockets. Thankfully you had a bit of money tucked away. Hacato had mercifully paid you a few hundred yen a day, but you hadn’t had anything to spend it on in his complex. It was all hidden in a pocket you’d sewn on the inside of your jacket, not trusting the thugs you worked for. You counted it and figured you had enough for a few nights at an internet café, at least. Tomorrow you’d look for work to pay for future nights. Tucking the bills back into your jacket, you started off. It would be tough, but the freedom you gained from Hacato would keep your spirit up for quite a while. You hoped.
In Keeping with Kaiba pt 2
It's the long-awaited, boring, much-shorter continuation of my Kaiba reader insert. Sorry it took so long. I hope it won't take as long to get my brain working again, because I'd like to get to the fun, main part of the story. 

I know "amnesia" is a very cliche, worn out device. Please, bear with me. There's a reason for it, and I won't take up too much plot-time talking about it.

Thanks for waiting, and please enjoy.
I live, and I'm actually working on some new stuff. *GASP* Let's hope my creative streak lasts long enough for me to post it.
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Michael Buble
  • Playing: Kingdom of Amalur
  • Drinking: Orange Juice
I live, and I'm actually working on some new stuff. *GASP* Let's hope my creative streak lasts long enough for me to post it.
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Michael Buble
  • Playing: Kingdom of Amalur
  • Drinking: Orange Juice

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